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“software solutions” site has lots of bugs and missing elements (xcellenceco.com)
Posted by bubblyToucan7
Love da redirect (0w0.wtf)
Posted by dank
Trippy Early 2000s Cyberpunk Relic (fusionanomaly.net)
Posted by Plzdontspam
Long Live Harambe (aprilfools.wtf)
Posted by whatis
Django 2 (www.djangoproject.com)
Posted by smileychris
Someone has bought a domain just to link to their furry porn (gtskunkrat.com)
Posted by enviousWhiting0
Estremely basic blog/resume of a CTO (andreypanin.com)
Posted by aboardDingo5
obvious post is obvious (feldot.com)
Posted by Plzdontspam
The Original Gingerbread Lobster Company (gingerbreadlobster.com)
Posted by dank
This is most generic site ever (youtube.com)
Posted by dank

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