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Estremely basic blog/resume of a CTO (andreypanin.com)
Posted by pleasedGelding1
A widowed husband’s blog about his wife (www.robfish.com)
Posted by resolvedCaribou2
An entire website for a single ultrasound machine (biimultrasound.com)
Posted by shamefulPie2
Your very own Bangladesh spy agency (bangladeshdetectives.com)
Posted by mercifulAntelope0
Old looking soda site (fruitflypro.com)
Posted by decimalOil9
DJ SMOOTH sounds like a laxitive (dalecurtisentertainment.com)
Posted by artisticFalcon6
demon child contemplates hell (serenitysuccessacademy.com)
Posted by ashamedCurlew0
Finally I can get my ‘fart smeller’ sticker made (bigcustomstickers.com)
Posted by drearyPudding9
Sorry folks, Billy Blank’s Sweat Club is password protected (billyblankssweatclub.com)
Posted by enviousCur2
Retro site on Compact Discs (www.compactdiscrecords.com)
Posted by brainyCake2

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