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This dog’s seen some shit (and smelled it too) (aircanine.com)
Posted by shamefulPie2
Untamed Meat Bars 😏 (coloradountamedmeatbars.com)
Posted by dank
I wonder if fear and anxiety is becoming big business (activeshooterassessment.com)
Posted by shamefulPie2
I don’t know what this says, but the sparkles are something (timeoftruth22.ru)
Posted by artisticHoopoe4
Someone’s personal blog on life (buildingella.com)
Posted by offendedIguana3
Clever site name, but not much here (cantsurfnaked.com)
Posted by bubblyTacos2
A widowed husband’s blog about his wife (www.robfish.com)
Posted by worriedFlamingo7
Judy the Handyma’am is Pretty Rich (www.portageparkhandyman.com)
Posted by amusedWildfowl2
"Share your favorite drunk and dumb moments on this site" lol (seeyoumove.com)
Posted by dank
BlackChild's blog (1blackchild.com)
Posted by dank

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