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Votes Title Post URL
1 an Italian blogger suitcaseonthesofa.com
1 The blog of a professional astrologist sandrastrology.com
1 The Purefoys purefoy1.com
1 untamed meat bars somehow isn't NSFW coloradountamedmeatbars.com
2 a nice parked site gif corinasagun.com
2 Your favorite international collage publication cultsoflife.com
1 Test nsfw pornhub.com
2 Falcon Motorcycle Club falconmcc.com
2 A fantastic, erudite blog about everything www.gwern.net
1 stories of the past www.folklore.org
1 Heat Wave Radio Pacific Internet Radio heatwaveradiopacific.com
1 Horsemen of California bchcsd.com
1 A relic from the past aol-com.com
1 weird looking "bikes" www.vierbike.com
1 A site for nothing but the revitalization of Durham NC www.lakewoodventuresllc.com
1 songs you love done right www.carlmotyka.com
1 a whole website for dolly ebay sales mastertowdolly.com
1 Barnyard Scraps Restoration barnyardscraps.com
1 Untamed Meat Bars 😏 coloradountamedmeatbars.com
2 The Original Gingerbread Lobster Company gingerbreadlobster.com